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We are an Innovation first organisation. Using Design thinking & Engineering innovation to create sustainable solutions for social change.

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World full of amazing people

10 million+ NGOs around the world.

In a world bustling with purpose and passion, there are approximately 10 million+ NGOs globally, and a staggering 3.3 million of those are working diligently in India.

From health to education, from environment conservation to poverty eradication, these organisations span a wide spectrum of causes, working day in and day out.

So What's the problem?

World full of amazing people

Struggling to survive & grow.

Lack of Resources: While intent abounds, many NGOs struggle to acquire the resources – both financial and human – necessary to carry their missions forward.

Limited Technological Integration: The world is evolving fast, and many NGOs find it challenging to integrate contemporary technologies which can significantly enhance their efficiency and reach.

Operational Challenges: From bureaucracy to infrastructure issues, many NGOs grapple with operational hindrances that slow down their pace.

Fragmented Collaboration: Often, NGOs working towards similar goals don’t have the means or the platform to collaborate, leading to duplicated efforts and lost synergies.

What can be done here?

Collaborate and not compete

Amplifying Impact

We believe in strength in numbers. Instead of joining the race, we've taken on a mission to amplify the impact of existing NGOs.

If we can empower even one NGO to grow 10x, the ripple effect it can create is enormous. By collaborating and not competing, we aim to accelerate the pace of change.

How do we do it?
Global Parli ImpactGlobal Parli ImpactGlobal Parli Impact

How we approach the problems

Tech Meets Heart.

In today's digital age, technology and design thinking are not just tools but powerful allies. By intertwining technology with empathy, we can revolutionize the way we approach and solve social problems.

We Understand: We immerse ourselves in the challenges with empathy, ensuring our solutions resonate with the communities we serve.

We Ideate: Adopting design thinking methodologies to come up with innovative, user-centric solutions.

We Integrate: Infusing technology to scale efforts, from data analytics to AI-driven solutions.

We Implement: Ensuring that the tech solutions are feasible, viable, and desirable for the intended audience.

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How we approach the problems

Rooted Execution.

Our dedication and innovation have birthed projects that address diverse domains:

Environment, agriculture, women empowerment, the disabled community, COVID-19, and more.

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Collaborate with Us

Let's Grow Together.

Got a project that aligns with our ethos? We're here to help. Reach out to us with your innovative NGO project and let's sow the seeds of change, together.

Are you an NGO?
From developing cutting-edge technological solutions to deploying design thinking for your unique challenges, we're committed to amplifying your efforts. Whether it's digital platforms, analytics tools, or community-driven initiatives, let us be the wind beneath your wings.

Are you a Volunteer?
Passionate about making a difference? We offer a platform where your skills – be it in tech, design, management, or grassroots activism – can shine. Join our dynamic team and contribute to a cause larger than yourself. Together, we can redefine the future.

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