Amazing Activities to Remember

Our Past Activities

Best out of Waste" Plastic is Precious

Date:5th September to 30th September 2019

We created an ART installations using already used plastic to share a message that the plastic we use and throw is actually very much precious and can be reused again to build great things.

Smart City Ideathon (Partnered Event)

Date:29th March 2019

Smart City Ideathon was organized by Lakshya team of APSIT College with the aim to provide people to create brainstorming ideas on critical issues providing a solution for it.

APSIT Hackscript 1.0 (Partnered Event)

Date:17th March 2019

Hackscript is the annual hackathon organised by CSI, ITSA & the CMSA teams of APSIT College.

Atharva Hackathon 2019 (Partnered Event)

Date:15th-16th March 2019

Atharva College of Engineering presents Atharva Hackathon 2019 in association with Enroot Mumbai, organized by Design & Code Community - A hackathon based on ML/AI & AR technologies.

Innovate For Mumbai 2018

Date:20th-21st October 2018

Innovate for Mumbai was the very first event organized by Enroot Mumbai, it was a combination of CodeJam and Hackathon which aimed to inculcate a problem solving attitude in the minds of young students.